Cyberflix Newest update is version 3.1.9

Cyberflix Latest Update

Cyberflix Newest Update

Cyberflix Newest update is version 3.1.9. There are a few changes that have been made in the update also. The list of updates/changes are as follows :

  • Added 28 new Providers
  • Added 22 new Resolvers (too many to list all providers and resolvers so please refer to your results screen to see new entries).
  • Changed color of viewed RD links to show red for easier deletion of links previously viewed.
  • Tag to identify 3-D titles if will show in the link result like WEBDL.
  • Added 3D movie category.

As you can see there have been some big enhancements in the apps search features. Adding an extra 28 providers to the search and even adding a 3D category.

How to install Cyberflix

We are going to leave a video here which has a full Cyberflix Review plus a Full Easy Installation Guide. This download will always contain the latest version of Cyberflix TV so the installation guide will always keep you upto date. You can also DOWNLOAD CYBERFLIX HERE

Cyberflix installation guide


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