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Filelinked is by far the most popular app used for Android Devices. But many are starting to ask questions. Both what it is/how it works and also “IS IT SAFE”


Is filelinked safe? First let’s better understand what Filelinked is. It is is an app previously known as Droid Admin. The easiest explanation is it’s an app store full of downloads. The downloads can contain whatever the code creator desires. It allows you to quickly download apps/files to your device, from simply entering one code. Each code is a different app store. You can create a code via the Filelinked website and have your own store ready to go in minutes. Simply upload files to a file share site such as Dropbox, and link the direct files to your Filelinked store.


Filelinked is so popular because of how simple and easy it is. Users can access a full android app store with just one code. Some codes/stores containing over 100 downloads. Filelinked is usually used to share third party streaming applications, but saves the hassle of having to use a web browser. Also the fact that it doesn’t contain ads makes it even more appealing.



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The more popular Filelinked has become, the more people are asking “is it safe“. We would 100% recommend using a trusted source, as you don’t actually know what each file contains. Any direct download link can be added to a Filelinked store. Lets use Cinema HD as an example. If you see Cinema HD available to download on a store then that’s great, right? But what if the download file doesn’t contain Cinema HD? You wouldn’t know until you reach the install page. It’s that easy for creators to put any file in the store.

But you could say that’s exactly the same as downloading from a website. The way we see it is if you trust the person who’s store it is, then you should be safe. Filelinked don’t have any way of detecting viruses and malware within the app. So another option would be to get a virus scanner to make sure the app is clean.

What we are trying to say is when trying to download any unofficial file there is always risk. But the best way for you to avoid having issues is to use a trusted code to start with.


Another huge advantage to stay safe online or when downloading is by using a vpn. A vpn keeps you both safe and hidden. For example : A vpn will hide your location so nobody can see where you are accessing a site/app from. Online privacy is being recognised by more and more people. With the amount of online activity we do each day, we would highly recommend you hiding behind a vpn. This ensures you feel safe when streaming, downloading, banking and much more.

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install Filelinked

Today we will be showing you how to install Filelinked on all android devices.

Which device are you using?

With Filelinked becoming the most used app for android. New users are wondering how to install Filelinked onto their device. Be aware that installing on Firestick is a little different to installing on android boxes/phones.

How To Install Filelinked On Android Box/Phones

You will follow the same steps as below. But instead of using Downloader you will use the devices Web Browser. For Example : Google Chrome, Puffin Browser, Firefox etc. Follow all the same url’s as below and you will be ready to install in minutes.

How to install Filelinked on Firestick

When using Firestick, on the home screen navigate across to Settings on the top bar.

Next go across and click My Fire TV or Device

Click and select Developer Options

Click Apps From Unknown Sources

Now Click Turn On

Go back to the home screen and hover over the Search icon in the top left corner

Now search Downloader and you will see it appear underneath

Select the Downloader App

Click Download

NOTE : If the app doesn’t download or install, make sure you have bank details linked to your Amazon Account.

Now Open Downloader

Allow Permissions (this is a must so the app can install files to your device)

In the URL bar type —

Now go to the Downloads Sections

Then you will find Filelinked, Click it

Scroll down until you find the Download Button

You will see the file starts to Download

Next it will ask you if you would like to install. Click Install

Now Click Done

When taken back to Downloader it will ask you if you would like to delete the download. Click Delete and then Click Delete Again.

Now Exit Downloader and Go Back to the Home Screen

You will now be able to see Downloader in your apps.

Alternatively go to Settings/Applications/Manage Installed Applications and you will see Downloader in the list.


best filelinked codes

Best Filelinked Codes

Filelinked has become a huge application used for sharing files/apps. Bur as many of you know the amount of codes out there is a little overwhelming. We recommend you use a trusted source/code when downloading files. As the creator can link any file they like in there. So we decided to hunt around for the best codes for you.

best filelinked codes 2019

Below are a list of the best filelinked codes for you to try. Some may contain pins, but we have listed the current pins also. With the vast amount of codes below you can almost guarantee you will find what you are looking for…

[P_REVIEW post_id=194 visual=’full’]


85810914 – Electrical M.D. (YouTube)

22222222 – NewTechevolution – Pin: 4754

56001333 – Free Tech (YoutTube)

51829986 – Stream & Tech NOW (YouTuber) – Pin: 3333

12345678 – NewTechevolution, Youtuber, Kodi Builds.

11039868 – NxtLvlTech (YouTube) – Pin: 2121

53053526 – Ultraraaj (YouTube)

80409018 – Kodi 18 Builds and More.

17779393 – JO CAN – PIN: 2222

74238464 – Bobby123

91195389 – Best Kodi 17.6 Builds.

38069272 – Joe’s Place, Firestick APK’s.

47603928 – Joe’s Place 2, Android Apps.

23119623 – Myst Da-Man (YouTube)

93989039 – SuperDells (YouTube) – PIN: 4058

76115743 – Kingson

39347794 – Ministry of App-ropriation – PIN: 4242

48332273 – Bo (YouTube) – PIN:  2010

88897031 – My Emulator Zone – ROMs, Emulators, etc…

88897031 – Trevor Smith, Retro Games

57518849 – The Juggernaut (YouTube) – PIN: 4480

46940058 – Parkie6 – PIN: 1966

46844890 – Chaz Sullivan

91702090 – JonJon FireTech Developers – PIN: 1672

42274327 – Cosmin G – cozocosmin – PIN: 1985

53509563 – Firestickthatshit

23263755 – StreamDroid Repo

29834673 – JM_tvbox, Various apps – English & Spanish

30612263 – JM_tvbox (backup)- English & Spanish

13131313 – Optimum Bliss (YouTube) – PIN: 4545

16553983 – Doug’s Store

80454071 – KP Apks, streaming, movies/series and more apps

86666282 – Malfaust – Ministry of App-ropriation. PIN: 4242

44427643 – Mark Peters – All About KODI

36260523  – Mark Peters – Kodi Forks

55621089 – G & Len Penn

36201754 – PIN: 2222

20417585 – Electrical M.D youtuber, Kodi Super Store PIN: 6403

74129627 – Chad Hunte, streaming 758 has latest streaming apk’s

44427643 – Peters youtuber, Big list of Kodi wizards & repos!

33521959 – No PIN required

40292055 – There is no PIN

89641872 – No PIN required

55621089 – G & Len Penn, Iconic Iptv. Everything for your paid Iptv subs, some firestick, stb emu

45541591 – CoolIdeas4Everything (YouTube)

78933681 – SkyMashi, Movie & TV Show APKs. Get updated pin from: – PIN: 9999

60339349 – SkyMashi, Kodi & MEDIAPLAYERS. Get updated pin from: – PIN: 9999

70510862 – SkyMashi, APK & FireTV/Stick Tools. Get updated pin from: – PIN: 9999

IMPORTANT: When installing third party apps to your device it’s recommended to use a VPN. This allows you to hide your IP Address so nobody can see what you are viewing. It also allows region locked content and more links to show. Visit the Best VPN for Android Devices. Official Site

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Legal Notice: The streaming apps and covered on the Streamtrendz website may include copyrighted content. Users should only use these app’s to access media that falls under Public Domain status and is not protected by copyright.