After a day has passed we see how IPTV Services worldwide affected by Xtream Codes takedown.

Why the takedown of Xtream Codes is affecting services

Xtream codes is a legitimate software used by IPTV providers to distribute IPTV. After the takedown of XC panels providers are unable to sign people up to their service. It’s also hard for providers to update or add channels to their list. It’s safe to say Xtream Codes was a huge part in running an IPTV service.

There are other services similar to Xtream Codes, it’s just this service was the most popular with providers. By taking down Xtream Codes they have disrupted almost every service.

When will Xtream Codes come back online?

From how things are looking it’s very unlikely that Xtream Codes will be back online anytime soon, if ever.


What are the estimated numbers of takedowns to servers, users and damages?

These are estimated numbers but it’s looking like the number is going to continue to grow.




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  • Over 180 servers taken offline
  • over 180,000 users disconnected
  • over £600m in damages
  • 22 people identified

This was a highly successful operation which as said in the conference was made possible by Eurojust.

Rumors Xtream Codes started selling IPTV

Everything turns into Chinese whispers but this is one thing that could be fact. It’s thought that 2 members of the Xtream Codes team were selling illegal IPTV publicly around the world, and this is what allowed authorities to obtain a warrant to take down the service.


There are various IPTV players such as IPTV Smarters and STB Emulator, but not so long back XCIPTV appeared. This had a much more appealing look and lots of users started changing to it. How does this link to Xtream Codes?

Xtream Codes is usually shortened to XC, so you can see that XCIPTV could actually be linked to them. The only thing is they had millions of users paying monthly subscriptions for their legitimate software, why would they risk it with selling IPTV.

IPTV is seen as easy tax free money that requires not much effort and a pretty much automated service. It’s possible the 2 said to have started selling a service got a little greedy. This is by no means a fact, it’s something we have seen speculated online and it could be a possibility.

Is this the end of IPTV?

No matter how much authorities try we can’t ever see the completely taking IPTV down, but they could do big things to disrupt it as we’re seeing this week. It’s more than likely providers will start using a cracked version of the XC software or switch to another service.

Some services maybe down at the moment due to having to migrate to a different panel or because of the inability to update lists. But you should see damaged services start to come back online within the next 48 hours.


This is a huge blow to IPTV services and users worldwide but it’s by no means the end. After looking more in depth about how Xtream Codes works and what alternatives providers have to get services back online it’s safe to say it won’t be long until they come back online. Some providers will take longer than others to come back on and some may even call it quits and close, but we now know this isn’t the end it’s just an unwanted event.

Press Conference

There was a press conference held by a Eurojust spokes person and a panel of prosecutors and anti piracy associations. If you are interested in watching this we will leave it here : Watch Press Conference

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