MX Player is the most popular media player for android users. So today we will be showing you how you can install MX Player on Firestick.

mx player

What is MX Player?

MX Player is an external media player. It allows you to play media from other applications through it. MX Player can improve your streaming experience, and in some cases cure buffering. MX Player is a much better player than the players which are built into apps already. In most cases you can go into an application you wan to link MX Player with, go into the app settings and change the default player. Then that’s as easy as that. So let’s show you how you can install MX Player on Firestick and other android devices.

How to install MX Player

Today we will be showing you how to install MX Player for Firestick & Android TV Boxes. One thing to note is if you want to install on an android TV box, you will follow the same steps using a normal web browser and not Downloader. Downloader is only to be used on Amazon Devices.

When using Firestick, on the home screen navigate across to Settings on the top bar.


Next go across and click My Fire TV or Device

Click My Fire TV

Click and select Developer Options

choose developer options

Click Apps From Unknown Sources




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click apps from unknown sources

Now Click Turn On

choose turn on

Go back to the home screen and hover over the Search icon in the top left corner

search icon

Now search Downloader and you will see it appear underneath

type downloader

Select the Downloader App

click downloader

Click Download

click download

NOTE : If Downloader doesn’t download or install, make sure you have bank details linked to your Amazon Account.

Now Open Downloader

click open

Allow Permissions (this is a must so the app can install files to your device)

click allow

In the URL bar type —

Scroll down until you see the Media Players section

media players

You will see MX Player Pro

mx player pro

Click on MX Player Pro and it will direct you to a download page

mx player download page

Click the blue download button

click download button

You will see the file starts to Download

Wait for download to finish

Next it will ask you if you would like to install. Click Install

mx player on amazon firestick

Now Click Done

install mx player app on fire stick

When taken back to Downloader it will ask you if you would like to delete the download. Click Delete.

delete mx player apk from firestick

Then Click Delete once more

mx player apk

Now Exit Downloader and Go Back to the Home ScreenYou will now be able to see MX Player in your apps.Alternatively go to Settings/Applications/Manage Installed Applications and you will see MX Player in the list.

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